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We Translate, Publish and Distribute The Word of Grace To Every Tongue and Tribe In Nigeria: Psalm 68:11

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Bible-A-Month Club

The Bible-A-Month Club is a group of people who commit themselves to sponsor a Bible, two or more to the less privileged every month. We invite you to partner with God and impact lives that need God’s word for hope.

The beneficiaries are prisoners, orphans, destitute, rehabilitees, drug addicts and evangelical groups and missionaries who request for FREE Bible for their outreach programmes.

Become A Prayer Partner

This is a clarion call for Intercessors to join us in the quest to see His Kingdom take a lasting root in the country, regardless of tribe or tongue. We have staff and members in thousands across the country including highly terrorized parts of the country. We are not ignorant of the devices of the devil against Kingdom tasks like ours.
Be our Simeon and Prophetess Anna to consistently pray down God’s Kingdom in every part of Nigeria.

Become A Digital Partner

The BSN is a non-profit organization with task to translate, publish, distribute and engage Nigerians with the Word through programmes. We need volunteers to help showcase our activities online across the social media platforms for a better reach among over 100 million online users in Nigeria considering our limited resources. We need the public, especially the younger generation to come see our zeal for our God: 2 Kings 10:16